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Connecticut Gun Group Wary Of Pro-Gun Control GOP Governor Candidate

Scott Wilson, president of the pro-gun group Connecticut Citizens Defense League, has announced that the organization will not support State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney (R) if McKinney makes a bid for the governor’s chair.

CCDL is the largest grass roots pro-gun organization in Connecticut, which means that McKinney could lose a hefty chunk of potential voters to a potential rival.

Wilson blasted McKinney by saying, "Senator McKinney was instrumental in implementing a historic gun control law with zero consideration for the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners. With his deliberate act of siding with gun control supporters, there will be no support from CCDL for his run."

The released statement further urges gun owners to call their representatives and warn them that pro-gun voters will support McKinney’s rival in the primary election. McKinney is apparently the lesser of two evils, however, because the statement adds, “If [McKinney] still wins the primary or there is no primary, we will not vote for him in the election.” The CCDL would apparently prefer to allow a pro-gun control Republican to take office rather than vote for a Democrat.

Of course, Democratic incumbent Dannel Malloy isn’t exactly friendly to gun interests, either. The governor recently signed into law sweeping gun control legislation in order to prevent a similar Sandy Hook shooting tragedy.

Connecticut gun owners may very well get stuck with a pro-gun control governor whether they like it or not. The Sandy Hook tragedy has made Connecticut one of the strongest gun control states in the nation. As much as gun rights advocates might want a pro-gun candidate, a politician who supports guns will likely be the ridiculed and despised by voters who were connected to the Sandy Hook shooting.

If you’re a gun right’s advocate, what do you think Connecticut gun owners should do? 

Source: Examiner


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