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Police Called After Nazi, Confederate Memorabilia Seen At Flea Market (Video)


Law enforcement officials in Connecticut were called into a flea market over the weekend after someone called in to report a person selling Confederate and Nazi memorabilia.

Despite the controversy surrounding the nature of the objects, nobody was arrested since no laws were technically broken, WTNH reported (video below).

The items were being sold on private property, according to the chief of police.

William Moore is the co-owner of Military Specialties Inc. in Newington, Connecticut, which sells authentic objects from Nazi-era Germany, Civil War-era United States, and reproductions. He told WTNH that such items can often be found in Connecticut.

“If you want, we’ll talk to you about it and give you the history about it," Moore said.

Moore did note that he understood why someone reported the objects for sale.

“This is America,” he added, “you can buy and sell whatever you care to.”

It is not yet known whether the items being sold were authentic.

According to police officers, the issue is currently “out of their hands." However, the mayor’s office in Wallingford, Connecticut, is currently looking into the complaint made about the incident.

Source: WTNH, YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshots


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