Connecticut Family Services Sends Transgender Teen To Juvenile Home For Boys


A 16-year-old transgender girl was sent to a juvenile home for boys in Connecticut after she allegedly assaulted two people at a psychiatric center Saturday night.

The girl, known only as Jane Doe, allegedly assaulted another youth and a staff member at Albert J. Solnit Children’s Psychiatric Center in Middletown, the Department of Children and Families said Sunday.

Her attorney, Aaron Romano, told the New Haven Register that the girl was originally detained without criminal charges and sent to a Connecticut women’s prison for two months. She was moved to the psychiatric center on Tuesday after an outcry from LGBT supporters.

Officials said she was transferred to a single room at the Juvenile Training School, the only secure facility for delinquent boys, because there was no “suitable place” for her at the psychiatric facility. The agency said the girl also destroyed property at the psychiatric center, which is the only all-female facility run by DCF.

Gary Kleeblatt, a spokesman for DCF, said no details could be released about the alleged assault. Police were notified of the incident.

“We are confident they will take whatever action they deem is appropriate,” DCF said in a statement.

The girl’s attorney, Aaron Romano, criticized DCF Commissioner Joette Katz for failing to notify him of the alleged assault and issuing a press release instead.

“I am shocked and disappointed at the commissioner,” Romano said. “I question whether the commissioner should continue to be in her position if she believes in this litigation in the press.”

Romano previously stated that the girl has a trauma history, having suffered from childhood sexual and physical abuse.

The girl had been in DCF custody before she was sent to jail. Officials claims she was too violent for them to handle. A state judge approved her transfer into Department of Correction custody in April.

Sources: Daily Mail, New Haven Register

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