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Connecticut Cop Tases Compliant Black Teen, He Goes Into Seizures (Video)

Luis Anglero Jr. was tased by a police officer in Hartford, Conn., yesterday. Videos of the incident are surfacing today.

Cell phone and surveillance videos (below) appear to show Anglero walking towards the police officer, stopping and placing his arms at his side.

Suddenly, Anglero is tased by the cop, quickly drops and goes into seizures.

Anglero’s mother and sisters watched Anglero, 18, hit his head on the pavement and convulse.

“[The officer] told my brother, if you move up more I’m going to tase you, so my brother he went like this, he went like this, he was standing like this and then the guy just shot him for no reason with the tase,” Anglero’s sister Nautigo told FOX CT.

Anglero was reportedly running to help Nautigo, who was allegedly hit by an unidentified man.

“This man could have just stopped and went like that and my son would have stopped. You took that out for no reason, you just wanted to shoot him for no reason,” added Anglero’s mother MaryAnn Yearwood.

“The hospital wants to keep him over night because his seizing won’t stop. My son is barely 140 pounds. For him to hit my son with all that and keep his hand on it intentionally, I think he was trying to kill my son,” added Yearwood.

Hartford Police Department Deputy Chief Brian Foley said that Anglero is under arrest, but wouldn't say what the charges were.

According to The Courant, Deputy Foley claimed that Anglero was acting "aggressively" toward the police officer and disobeying orders, but the video appears to show Anglero complying with the officer's orders.

Deputy Foley refused to watch the video, claiming that he didn't want it to influence the police report.

The Courant identified the officer who tased Anglero as Detective Shawn Ware, who is the same officer standing over Anglero's body.

Yearwood intends to file a complaint against Det. Ware for excessive force.

Sources: FOX CT, The Courant


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