Connecticut Cop Says He Wants To ‘Pop’ Unconscious Man (Video)


The city of Meriden, Connecticut released a police dash cam video (below) of two police officers responding to a report about an intoxicated man who was passed out in the middle of a road on Sept.19, 2015.

In connection with the call, officer John Slepski, who suggested they "pop" the man, was suspended for 60 days. Officer John Slezak was suspended for five, notes the Record-Journal, which filed a Freedom of Information Act request to have the video released.

When the officers walk up to the man, Slepski says, “Yeah, I know f------ a------. I think we oughta just f----- pop him."

“He’s fine,” Slezak adds. “He just wants a ride to the hospital.”

“Yeah, I know, f----- douchebag,” Slepski states.

The officers tell the man to get out of the middle of the road several times.

“I think we oughta pepper spray this f----- ------,” Slepski says.

“Alright. You gonna pepper spray him to get him up?” Slezak asks Slepski.

A later investigation found that the officers did not pepper spray the man.

Slepski later told investigators that when he said "pop" he was referring to hitting the man, but Lt. Salvatore Nesci, who wrote an internal affairs report on the incident, said that “pop” means to shoot someone based on his nearly two decades of experience, reports the Record-Journal.

Meriden police chief Jeffry Cossette wrote a letter of discipline to Slepski that said, “Your conduct while acting as a Meriden Police Officer is disgraceful. Your dehumanizing and demoralizing treatment of this citizen in need of medical attention sickens me. Your actions did not perpetuate the mission of the Meriden Police Department.”

Cossette's letter of discipline to Slezak stated, “If a fellow officer is behaving in a demeaning and demoralizing way toward a citizen, you have a Duty to Act. You said nothing to Officer Slepski as he directed the derogatory comments toward the citizen. When the citizen was directed to ‘crawl on the ground if he had to,’ you offered no assistance to this citizen. You allowed for this citizen to be treated in this manner.”

Slezak filed a grievance over his suspension, according to Detective John Williams, president of the local police union.


Sources: Record-Journal (2) / Photo credit: Record-Journal/YouTube

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