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Connecticut ‘Cold-Case’ Cards Being Used To Solve Crimes

Connecticut law enforcement officials are using playing cards decorated with details about “cold-cases” in the hopes of solving open cases throughout the state.

The cold-case card decks, which are only sold inside the Connecticut prison system, are modeled after a similar program in Florida that had some success.

Issued in 2010, the first deck featured photos of victims related to 52 unsolved cases. There are now two editions of the cards with a third in the works, The New York Post reported.

Mike Sullivan, supervising inspector of the cold-case unit and the violent crimes bureau, said the cards look like regular playing cards, but on the center of each is a picture and short summary of a cold-case. Most of cards have details about missing person cases or unsolved homicides. According to Sullivan, the department has received about 320 tips and has been able to solve six cases because of information the cards generated.  

Sullivan said the cases that are featured on the cards come from local police departments.

“We are kind of like a conduit,” Sullivan said. “When a tip comes in, it is forwarded to the investigating detective and they can make their own assessment.”

Sources: The New York Post, The Meriden Record-Journal


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