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Conn. Dad Christopher Duffy Posts Pic of Baby Daughter Holding Rifle 20 Miles Away From Sandy Hook

A Connecticut father struck a nerve with local residents when he posted a photo of his infant daughter holding a rifle at a gun store just 20 miles from Sandy Hook.

Christopher Duffy snapped a picture of his six-month-old Genevieve holding the gun at Woodbridge Firearms before he purchased it Tuesday.

“The little one actually latched onto it when I first picked it up to see how heavy it was. It’s actually very light, to test the weight, so I just decided to take the picture,” Duffy explained to local news station WTNH.

“'My hand was on it, the bolt was open, it was safety checked. I’m not sure how wide the picture is. She’s clearly in her seat just sitting up, one hand on the scope, one hand on the barrel,” he said.

The proud papa posted the picture on his Facebook posted, which the gun shop then reposted to their page.

Local residents were shocked and unsettled by the image of a baby holding a gun twice as big as she was. 

“She can’t even speak yet and she has a gun in her hand and it’s bizarre,” one local, Alexa Grose, told WTNH.

“After everything that happened in Connecticut with Sandy Hook and everything that’s going on with the gun laws, why would you have your baby holding a gun…a big gun?” was Bryanna Wingate’s response.

Duffy insists that the gun was safe and doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

“Other people being upset about it? I don’t force their kids to do anything. I don’t force them to do anything,” said Duffy. 

The store’s co-owner, Mike Majewski, said he was comfortable keeping the photo on the store’s Facebook page.

“If someone wants to share something with the rest of the community, I have no problem posting it on the page,” said Majewski.

Sources: Daily Mail, WTNH


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