Congressmen Try to Criminalize Products that Affect Drug Tests


WASHINGTON --- Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY), along with Reps. Peter Defazio (D-OR), Jean Schmidt (R-OH) and Lee Terry (R-NE), have introduced legislation in Congress to criminalize the production and sale of any commercial products intended to influence drug test results, such as diuretic teas or chemical adulterants.

The bill, H.R. 858, is now before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. As introduced, the proposal would "prohibit the manufacture, marketing, sale, or shipment in interstate commerce of products designed ... to produce a false or misleading outcome of a test for the presence of a controlled substance."

Of the tens of millions of workplace drug tests performed annually in the United States, an estimated 90 percent are urine tests, which may be influenced by dilution or adding an adulterant to the sample.

Over the past decade, numerous commercial businesses have marketed commercial products promising to influence drug test results, including herbal teas and substitute urine.



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