Congressional Black Caucus Is Racist If Whites Can't Join, Ben Carson Says (Video)


Tea Party hero Dr. Ben Carson says it’s racist that the Congressional Black Caucus doesn't allow non-blacks to be members.

“What would you say is racism? How would you define racism?” asked YouTube personality Jan Helfeld.

“I would define it as people making decisions about others based on superficial characteristics, and unfairly doing so. And in our society today, I think, a lot of racism is paternalism. I mean, you believe that certain people can’t do things and that you must do them for them.”

Based on his response, Helfeld asked, “So if somebody won’t let you in their club or organization because of your race, that would that be an example racism?”

“I think that would be a racist policy, yes,” Carson responded.

“Can the white Congressmen become a voting members in the Congressional Black Caucus?” Helfeld asked.

“I don’t know,” Carson said.

“They can’t,” Helfeld told him. “They have a rule against it. You think that that is wrong, that’s racism also?”

“Well, I would put it this way,” Carson said, “if that is true and if members of the Congressional Black Caucus would object if there were, let’s say, a Congressional Irish Caucus that wouldn’t let them it, then I think that would be hypocrisy and it would in fact be racism.”

“But just them not letting them in because they’re white, using their race as a reason not to let them in, that would be an example of racism?” Helfeld continued.

“I would very much disagree with that policy, and I would characterize it that way,” Carson said.

Helfeld went on to ask Carson about affirmative action at college universities.

“What I have advocated for is something called ‘compassionate action’ and what that means is that you look at the whole composite,” Carson said. He agreed that he doesn’t believe race should be a factor in the college admissions process.

Helfeld, the host of "The Bottom Line," uses the Socratic method during interviews to stimulate critical thought, which often reveals the “contradictions in our politicians' thinking.”

Sources: TheBlaze, The Botton Line


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