Congressional Bill Would Allow Creation -- Then the Murder -- of Clones


Despite all the problems associated with cloning, there are still congressional leaders who want to legalize it and stick you with the bill!

Earlier this month, Reps. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) and Michael Castle (R-Del.) filed new legislation, H.R. 4808, that would give scientists the green light to make all the human clones they want for experimentation, so long they as kill them when they're through.

The members claim this legislation "bans human cloning," when H.R. 4808's official definition blatantly redefines the cloning process! (For a technical explanation of what cloning is and how these members are hiding their real agenda, check out this post by FRC's Dr. David Prentice.)

While the duo calls it a stem cell research bill, there's no sugar-coating the fact that Americans would be paying for a process that creates embryos with the express purpose of killing them.

As Dr. Prentice (and others) have pointed out, there is absolutely no valid reason for human cloning or embryo destruction. If scientists want to work with embryonic stem cells, they can get them easily, ethically, and efficiently with iPS cells instead of wasting their time--and our money--on this slippery slope. If they actually want to treat patients, adult stem cells are already helping thousands.

Ask your leaders to invest in real treatments by supporting the Patients First Act of 2009. Let's promote research that's curing people now--not killing young embryos later.


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