Confrontation Between Officer And Woman Goes Viral (Video)


Video of a Cape Coral, Florida police officer throwing a drunk woman to the ground went viral (video below).

In the video, Brittnie Fails can be seen arguing with her boyfriend outside of a bar. A police officer then approaches her from behind and grabs her before throwing her to the ground.

"Uncalled for, sir," the man filming, identified as Daniel Wirka, says.

"Get her up, she’s sitting there faking it," the officer claims.

The officer says the woman is "playing games" and not passed out as she appears in the clip.

A bouncer soon approaches and, along with the officer, lifts the woman up.

Fails said she was "a little drunk" and demanding her keys from her boyfriend at the time of the argument that started the shocking clip.

"If there's anything that makes me mad about the entire video it's not even being thrown on the ground, it's how he just nonchalantly like, 'Oh my God, get over it, you're faking it.'" she told ABC 7.

Residents in the area had mixed reactions to the video. Some told ABC 7 that the officer's actions were justified.

"I know a lot of people who [ ... ] get drunk, they act a fool and you know what, if they get to somewhere you should've controlled yourself better," resident Cameron Tille said.

Fails was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication, and bonded out of jail hours after the arrest. She filed a complaint with the officer involved.

Viewers on Facebook were also skeptical of the officer's actions.

"You should seriously get his badge number that's worse than uncalled for there was literally no reason to yank and throw her the way he did that's abuse if he wasn't a cop he would have been arrested for domestic violence," one viewer commented on Wirka's Facebook video.

Watch the shocking confrontation below.

Sources: ABC 7, Daniel Wirka/Facebook / Photo credit: Screenshot/Photography Is Not A Crime

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