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Computers Prove How Evolution is True

A good number of people don't believe in evolution. That is, of course, most unfortunate. After all, virtually nobody states that the earth isn't round, and when they do, they are almost to a person, religiously devout.

Simply, the bible lays out a flat earth, so it is no surprise that a few ultra-fundamentalists (the kind who make Pat Robertson look moderate in comparison) believe in a flat earth. Satellites orbiting our planet and pictures of the earth, be darned.

Talkorigins is a great website that deals with attacks on evolution by creationists, or the term they have evolved for themselves, Intelligent Design supporters. Of course, not all who are religious believe in a flat earth or even creationism.

In fact, there are computer programs to test evolution in action. BoxCar2D allows individuals to test random shapes for cars and those cars that work the best and most efficent structures get to evolve some more and build even more efficent cars to take their place. Now, when I say random shapes, I mean shapes as simple as triangles.

The program utilizes 20 random shapes that also have wheels attached to them, and from these they mutate to much greater complexity. I think there is lack of knowledge on how powerful a force is natural selection when it comes to evolution. Natural selection favors traits that increase the likelhood of survival. A fast zebra is much more likely to survive than a slow one. I hate to use the overused term, common sense, but that is common sense.

Over hundreds of mllions of years, one can go from small amphibilians to modern human beings. That length of time, is staggering and hard to comphrend, except on the most abstract level. For example, the first amphibilians developed about 400 millions years ago.

I have been alive for just under 1.2 billion seconds. That means for every three seconds of my life, that is one year since the time of those animals. The first modern humans would have appeared less than one week since I have been alive. The pyramids would have been built just a few hours ago. Computer programs such as BoxCar2D work at much faster paces than the relative snail pace of evolution. But evolution, over time, has produced a staggering number of species that number in the millions.

In this video a program that favors random shapes that are closer to the human face, produce a human face within a few thousand generations. Just amazing.


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