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19 Complaints Filed Against Chicago Cop (Video)

Chicago Police Officer Morsi Murphy has reportedly called in a robbery that didn't happen, arrested a woman for legally obtaining prescription medication, and pepper-sprayed a female pastor (video below).

CBS Chicago notes that Murphy called 911 for an alleged robbery at a 7-Eleven store, which was actually a man purchasing some snacks. Murphy told the 911 dispatcher that the man had a knife, which turned out not to be true.

In her call to 911, Murphy described the suspect as "in a gray hoodie, a white guy," but changed that to "Mexican," and later added, "There’s three male blacks."

After the three men left the 7-Eleven store, Murphy told the 911 dispatcher, "Oh my God. They’re getting in the car! They’re getting in the car!"

The 911 operator lectured Murphy: "You’re an officer, let’s behave like an officer."

Murphy followed the men, and reported another crime: "I guarantee you they robbed this gas station."

However, the men didn't even stop at the gas station.

The three men were pulled over by police with guns drawn. The cops questioned, handcuffed and searched the innocent men.

Murphy was suspended for 30 days for a false robbery call.

According to another complaint, Murphy arrested and jailed a woman overnight for felony possession of a controlled substance, which turned out to be a legal prescription that the woman had purchased at Walgreen’s for her elderly mother.

A federal lawsuit was filed by the woman against the City of Chicago and Murphy, which was eventually settled.

In April, CBS Chicago reported that Murphy pepper-sprayed Rev. Catherine Brown and Brown's baby in a 2013 incident.

Murphy accused Brown of dragging her with her car and Brown was charged with attempted murder; Brown was later acquitted. Video of the incident did not show Brown dragging Murphy.

Brown was convicted of reckless conduct for driving in reverse but is appealing that misdemeanor.

In total, Murphy has had 19 complaints filed against her over a ten-year period.

CBS Chicago recently asked Murphy about the complaints outside a store while she was off-duty, but Murphy refused to speak.

The news station has repeatedly requested information about all 19 complains from the City of Chicago, but has not received those records yet.

The Chicago Police Department would not comment or say what Murphy's status is.

Sources: CBS Chicago (2) / Photo credit: CBS Chicago/YouTube

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