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Woman And 4-Year-Old Boy Found Dead In Apartment

Woman And 4-Year-Old Boy Found Dead In Apartment Promo Image

After a "foul odor" was reported in a California apartment building, employees found a woman and a 4-year-old boy dead inside.

Employees had received complaints about a smell coming from one of the units in a Rancho Cucamonga apartment building, reports KTLA. When employees entered the apartment on Dec. 5, they discovered the bodies of a 29-year-old woman and a 4-year-old boy who are suspected to have died in a murder-suicide.

The names of the deceased have not been released, but KABC reports that the woman and boy were mother and son. Deputies reportedly believe that the mom killed her son, and then killed herself.

The cause of death for the mother and son has not been released.

A day earlier, an Arkansas mother was found dead with her two young children in a Little Rock apartment, reports the Daily Mail.

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Moriah Cunningham, 24, and her children, 5-year-old Alayliah and 4-year-old Elijah, are suspected to have been murdered, said Little Rock Police Officer Steve Moore.

Sheba Cunningham, Moriah's grandmother, became worried about the children after they didn't show up to school that day. Sheba found the horrifying scene around 2 p.m. on Dec. 4.

"I couldn't even think, seeing them lie there in blood," recalled Sheba. "I couldn't even think."

Moore said that police are searching for background on the family to help their investigation of the deaths.

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"We don't know these individuals," said Moore, according to KTHV. "Maybe somebody that lives here does and can give us background."

"Background is what we want right now," Moore added, "to kind of see, like I said, what's been going on, who's supposed to be there, who's not supposed to be there; is there anything now that's not here that should be."

Moriah's car, a white 2004 Honda Accord, was also reported to be missing on Dec. 4, and police reached out to the public for help in locating it. The car was found later that evening.

"It was really tragic, what I heard today," said neighbor Jeff Williams. "Because I knew I hadn't seen them in a couple of days. And then all this stuff just popped off. I just, I ain't really got the words to say."

"We'd play [football] with them every day, you know, the little boy and the little girl," said Williams. "They're just some outstanding kids, you know?"

"I hope they catch him," said resident Darryl Jonson. "I don't care who it is. They need to come up. Whatever they did, they need to be punished for it."

Police have yet to release information about any possible suspects in the family's deaths. They are also investigating footage from the apartment complex's security cameras.

Sources: KTLA, KABC, Daily Mail, KTHV / Featured Image: Kate Brady/Flickr / Embedded Images: DarkDay/Flickr, Chris Waits/Flickr

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