Company Turns Gun Owner's Ashes into Ammunition

For a fee, Thad Holmes and Clem Parnell, two Alabama game wardens, will turn your cremated ashes into ammunition that your loved ones can pull the trigger on.

Holmes says: "It's about celebrating life. We know how strange it sounds to people who aren't comfortable around guns, but for those who are, it's not weird at all."

The company, Holy Smoke, was born during a late-night stakeout to thwart illegal hunting. The idea they came up with was to fill shotgun shells and rifle or pistol cartridges with ashes, allowing gun enthusiasts to spend eternity the way they lived their lives.

"People take ashes and spread them across lakes or forests or throw them in rivers, and nobody thinks twice about that. This is no different," said Holmes.

The service starts at $850 and a pound of ash fills about 250 shotgun shells. In addition to handling human ashes, clients have requested the service be carried out for their pets, particularly bird dogs.

The Alabama company has also received inquiries from members of law enforcement, fire departments and the military.


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