Company Sells Zombie Mannequins that Look Like Ex-Girlfriends For Shooting


A firm that sells gun targets has many angered after they unveiled a new target called "The Ex," which is supposed to resemble a man's ex-girlfriend or wife. 

They are "zombies," complete with a mouth dripping with blood, a ripped white tank top and wig. 

The firm, ZMB industries, put a warning on the product: "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but a man scorned is nothing to mess with!"

The mannequins are supposed to "accurately resemble an infected human that just finished gnawing your neighbor Zed's leg, to give you that realistic look so you really feel the hate."

They also promise the zombies will "burst into little pieces of blood soaked, zombie matter when you shoot them," as they are full of biodegradable matter.

Though they burst into pieces easily, they can also take on a lot of shots, as the firm promises they can last for more than 1,000 shots fired from different rounds.

A video is also featured on their site, showing the type of abuse the mannequins can withstand.

One clip shows "how to turn a zombie into mush in 60 seconds," while another shows a woman shooting at one of them.

Another shows a man wrapping up the mannequins with explosives and watching them blow up in the desert.

But for those not looking to shoot a version of their ex, the firm also offers other targets, like Taliban fighters and ones dressed up as Nazis.

More innocent ones include a wolf, clown and group of rabbits.

They can even take shooting to another level by purchasing ZMB's "exploding rifle targets" which blow up the mannequins instantly.

The life-sized Zombie ex-girlfriend sells for $99, and a paper version sells for $1. 

"I love that this target looks like Britney Spears and it bleeds when I shot it," a customer reviewed.

"The dark haired one looks like my b*tch ex-wife, who I HATE! I can't wait to shoot her face off for taking my sh*t," another customer wrote.

Sources: Daily Mail, Raw Story


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