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Company Offers 'Bleeding Gun Control Lobbyists' Shooting Targets

The California-based company, Zombie Industries, is offering gun owners a chance to indulge one of their darkest fantasies: the opportunity to gun down a gun control lobbyist.

Not a real gun control lobbyist, obviously, but a fake mannequin complete with built-in blood packets so it bleeds after being shot. But these are not your standard, run-of-the-mill gun control lobbyists — they are zombified, brain-munching gun control lobbyists. Gun owners might raise a few eyebrows if they unload on human-like mannequins, but who can argue with some classic zombie slaying?

The company writes on its website: “One night while headed home, our friend found himself face to face with a viscous zombie. Being that he believed firearms served no purpose in self-defense, he was unarmed and knew he set himself up for something worse than becoming a victim ... he was about to become easy aombie pray! [sic] The result was an Undead Gun Control Lobbyist Zombie that is just begging to be put down.”

They tout the fact that the zombie was “Made in the USA by noninfected workers!!!”

The company has also sold mannequins modeled off of Al Sharpton and President Barack Obama. The company received national media attention last month after they tried to sell zombie Obama mannequins at an NRA convention. The website claims that the mannequins are works of fiction and any resemblance to real characters is entirely coincidental, but it is hard to overlook descriptions like, "Poor Al he was a Sharp guy."

These new gun control lobbyist zombies do not particularly resemble any of the usual pro-gun control suspects like Vice President Joe Biden or Mayor Michael Bloomberg. If anything, they ever so slightly resemble Texas Gov. Rick Perry with the matching hairdo and strong cheek bones.

Do you think it is outrageous that this company is supporting the idea of shooting gun control lobbyists, even though they are zombified, or do you see it all as a bit of harmless fun?

Source: TPMmuckraker


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