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Company Caught Selling Plastic As Rice -- It May Be In Your Cabinet Right Now

A Chinese rice company is in hot water for doing something shocking: Doctoring rice with a carcinogenic plastic and selling it to consumers.

The Wuchang variety of rice is popular for a number of reasons, mostly its aroma and distinctive taste. It’s a high-end item, costing twice the price of other types of rice. Because of the high demand, manufacturers decided to create an alternative to help boost sales, but they used a plastic that causes cancer -- bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA.

The altered rice is reportedly being bought by companies in the U.S. and elsewhere and sold as genuine Wuchang rice in grocery stores.

It’s made by mixing a small amount of the Wuchang rice with the deadly plastic, then sprayed with a fragrance to recreate the original smell of the rice. Around 800,000 tons of the actual rice are produced per year, but 10,000,000 tons of the fake Wuchang rice were allegedly produced. 

Three bowls of the fake rice is equal to eating an entire plastic bag, and could destroy your digestive system, according to AWM. 

News of the horrifying practice quickly went viral, with many advising against using any products made in China.

“I've been saying that China is trying to kill us . We import toys that are dangerous to our children and our government doesn't do anything to regulate what's coming into our country! We should be making our own stuff here and producing jobs,” one reader wrote on AWM America’s Facebook page.

“When you use any product made in China, especially a food product, you have to realize the risk you take is very real. They make products out of medical waste for heaven's sake! Buyer beware!” another added. 

Sources: AWMAWM America/Facebook / Photo credit: AWM

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