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Community Paints Blue Stripe To Honor First Responders

Residents in Conoy Township, Pennsylvania, painted a blue stripe between double-yellow lines on various streets to honor police officers, ambulance crews and firefighters.

First responders were grateful for the tribute, Lancaster Online reports.

“We're always appreciative of any support we get,” Susquehanna Regional Police Department Lt. Stephen Englert said.

Yet the move has not been welcome by some, like the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, ABC News reports.

Officials say the tribute violates the Federal Highway Administration’s “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices," and could confuse or distract motorists at the expense of their lives while driving, according to PennDOT spokesman Greg Penny.

“It’s well intentioned and a nice idea, but it’s not really an appropriate way to show support,” Penny added.

Conoy Township Supervisor Chairman Stephen Mohr explained that the idea is to show support for first responders and teach school children of their importance.

"[School children are] the ones that we have to get it into their minds that those emergency responders are there to help,” Mohr explained.

Yet Penny says this makes the tribute even more dangerous.

“I would hate to see the blue line contribute to a driver's confusion or distraction that results in an accident involving school kids and/or their parents, which then would prompt emergency responders to come to the school to treat the victims,” he said.

Still, some disagree with Penny and don't see the big deal.

“If that little blue line distracts somebody, they were going to be distracted and weren’t too attentive anyway,” argued Mohr.

At the moment, there are no plans to remove the stripes, according to ABC News.

Conoy Township is not the only community that has painted blue lines in honor of first responders.

Mantua Township, New Jersey, residents also chose to use the streets as a way to pay tribute to the likes of police officers.

"The blue line in the middle of the double yellow is a symbolic reference to law enforcement," the Mantua Police Department explained on its Facebook page. "It describes the concept that the police are what stand between the victimizers and would-be victims."

Sources: Lancaster Online, ABC NewsMantua Police Department New Jersey/Facebook / Photo Credit: Lancaster Online

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