Commenters React Negatively To Video Of Crying Three-Year-Old, Family Says 'Relax'


A harmless video of an adorable little girl crying has somehow stirred up some controversy on the web.

In the video, three-year-old Lily Jaster-Szleszynski is seen crying after watching a video of her parents’ wedding ceremony. The girl is crying because she too wants to get married. No harm here, right? After all, if you showed Lily a video of her dad racing a car, she very well may cry because she wants to be a racecar driver. Well, some people didn't take the video so lightly.

Hundreds of comments poured in on WDIV’s Facebook page after the site shared the video. Most comments were positive and talked about how cute Lily was. A handful of people, though, took a more cynical stance.

First, people questioned why Lily’s parents were filming her instead of consoling her.

“It's not really funny though....she balling like she is worried about this,” one commenter wrote. “This is stressing this kid out. I'm not being too serious I think this is sad.”

One commenter went as far as saying society had failed the young girl.

“THAT is what she wants at 3 years old?” Grace L. Wu asked. “Society has failed her.” When other commenters disagreed with Wu, here’s what she said.

“I DO have a child, an 8-month-old daughter who is surrounded by strong women who will grow up to be independent and self-sufficient,” Wu writes. “I have done plenty for young women around me - I coached for Girls on the Run, and am currently a Girl Scouts troop leader. AND! get this - I HAD A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING too! woot! I just think it's sad that a 3 [year old] girl's dream is to get married. no wonder sexism still exists.”

The girl’s mother told WDIV that Lily simply got caught up watching her parent’s video.

“Our sweet little girl had a tear running down her face because she couldn’t get over how beautiful Mama’s dress was,” Jaster-Szleszynski wrote. “She got to see all of her family and our friends enjoying an amazing day. … Of course she wanted the same.”

The girl’s uncle chimed in, too.

“This is my niece,” Tim Latimer wrote. “You people are reading way too much into this. It was her parents’ anniversary on Sunday, and they played the video of their wedding. Lily saw the video, and the big church, her mom in a pretty dress, and the big party afterwards. That’s why she wanted to get married! … She’s 3! She has no idea what getting married actually means. Relax, people.”

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