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Casey Anthony Sparks Outrage For Holding Friend's Baby (Photo)

Photos of Casey Anthony holding a friend's baby at a restaurant in Florida are sparking controversy online.

In the pictures taken in February, a smiling Anthony, 31, is surrounded by drinks as she looks down at the 6-month-old baby sitting in her lap.

One photo shows Anthony laughing as the infant, an NBC producer's grandson, squirms in her arms, TMZ reports.

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And while the photos seem innocent enough, it was disturbing for those who still believe, despite her acquittal, Anthony killed her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008.

"I wouldn't let that person touch my child," wrote one Daily Mail reader. "I'm aware she was found not guilty, but she was the last person to see Caylee alive. She was the mother, it was her responsibility to protect Caylee and keep her from harm. She failed miserably. In my opinion she is ultimately responsible."

"I'm sure the witch would just love to smother the kids with love!" added a second.

"Her own parents think she killed the child!" chimed in a third. "I wouldn't let that trash hold my dog."

Many also condemned Anthony's friend for allowing her to hold the baby.

"I do not understand how as a human being your sixth sense would not kick in," commented one. "How could someone let her hold their child? I would be terrified to be anywhere near her let alone let her hold my child. She is pure E V I L! S A T A N in the flesh."

"What kind of awful mother would let a murderer hold her baby?" wrote a second commenter.

Some were outraged the woman was friendly with Anthony in the first place, never mind that she let Anthony near the baby.

"Anyone that would even befriend this woman has serious issues," added another. "I  wouldn't let those evil clutches anywhere [near] my children."

That may be an opinion many share given how few friends Anthony allegedly has these days.

Despite what the lunch photos convey, sources report Anthony is largely alone and isolated since her trial, with little to occupy her.

"There are days that she's bored out of her mind," an insider told People magazine.

"There's nothing really to do," the source continued. "She doesn't have a huge circle of friends, and the friends she has are all employed elsewhere, so she doesn't see them 24/7. She binge-watches TV, plays around on the internet, and doesn't do much more than that. Frankly, it's all pointless and aimless."

Sources: TMZ, Daily Mail, People / Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr, Daily Mail, TMZ

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