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The Peace Advocacy Network and Vegan Pledge Campaign

The Peace Advocacy Network was founded in 2010 as a grassroots group completely run by volunteers that works for the the absence of violence in the lives of animals—human and non-human alike.

One of the PAN projects is Vegan Pledge. From the PAN website:

The Vegan Pledge started in the UK. Board members of Peace Advocacy Network brought the Pledge to Philly last year [2009], and with great success. Thirty non-vegan people pledged to go vegan for 30 days with the Pledge program’s support. This support included weekly meetings consisting of cooking classes, environmental and health speakers, a personal mentor (experienced vegans), social events for support, and an incredible care package to make 30 days of being vegan that much easier. This year, the Pledge is expanding to more cities, and we need you.

PAN President, Leila Fusfeld says: “Although the Vegan Pledge itself only lasts for one month, the program is designed to give participants the tools and knowledge to help them stay vegan for life.”

PAN is an example of a group that makes the connection between human rights and animal rights issues and the importance of nonviolence. The PAN Vegan Pledge Project is an exciting example of creative, nonviolent vegan advocacy. In this Commentary, Leila Fusfeld will join me to explain more about the Vegan Pledge Campaign and how you can bring this exciting campaign to your community.

For more information about the Vegan Pledge, click here. If you are already a vegan and are interested in being a mentor, speaker, or food preparation demonstrator, click here If you want to support this effort by sponsoring a pledge, contact Peace Advocacy Network

If you are not vegan, go vegan. It’s easy; it’s better for your health and for the planet. But, most important, it’s the morally right thing to do.

The World is Vegan! If you want it.

Gary L. Francione
©2010 Gary L. Francione

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