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Coming Soon: Bigger Toyota Prius V Hybrid

Many people who may have wanted to buy a Prius shied away from it because its cargo space is limited. Well, get ready for the bigger Prius V.

"Many customers have told us that while they love everything about the Prius, they need something with more space," said Bob Carter, Toyota Division general manager. "That's why we gave Prius V 58 percent more cargo space than the Liftback."

According to a report from Automotive News:

The Prius V adds three inches of wheelbase, six inches of overall length, three inches of height and an inch of width compared to the standard Prius. The additional 230 pounds of weight, quicker final drive ratio, and taller aerodynamic silhouette costs the Prius V about 16 percent of the fuel economy of the Prius liftback.

Toyota expects the Prius V to sell well in the U.S.-- 60,000 per year, boosting overall Prius sales by 15% to 20%.

When the Prius V is launched in the U.S. in the fall, it will have the standard two rows of seating, as opposed to three rows in the Japanese and European versions. Toyota chose to give Americans the extra cargo space instead.

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