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Comedic Viral Video ‘Blames’ Indian Women For High Incidences Of Rape (VIDEO)

A video featuring Bollywood actresses informing Indian women that they are at fault for the large number of rapes in the country is going viral.

“Ladies, do you think rape is something men do out of a desire for control, empowered by years of patriarchy?” an actress asks in the video. “You’ve clearly been misled by the notion that women are people, too. Because, let’s face it, ladies: rape ... it’s your fault.”

The clip was made by Indian comedy group AIB and has received more than 750,000 views since being posted on YouTube last week.

Even though the video satirically lists things like short skirts, Bollywood movies, mobile phones, and Chow mein as reasons why women are raped, political leaders have actually used those excuses, 9 News reported.

A local council leader in Haryana said last year, “Chow mein leads to hormonal imbalance evoking urge to indulge in such acts.”

AIB made the video to attack the culture of victim blaming.

“Every time there is a sexual assault case or a rape case, the first thing that happens is, instead of focusing on the crime and looking at the perpetrator ... the burden is always put on the woman,” AIB member Gursimran Khamba said.

The video is below:

Sources: 9 NewsThe Times Of India


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