Comedian Present At 'The View' Claims Co-Hosts' Apologies To Nurses Were Fake (Video)


Comedian Nicole Arbour claims the apologies given on-air to nurses by ABC’s “The View” co-hosts were not genuine.

ABC’s “The View” came under fire on Sept. 14 after they mocked Miss Colorado Kelly Johnson for appearing on stage at the Miss America pageant in her nursing scrubs to discuss her experience treating a patient with Alzheimer’s disease.

“The View” showed a clip of Johnson’s monologue, and co-hosts Joy Behar and Michelle Collins mocked her performance.

“She basically read her emails out loud and surprisingly she did not win,” Collins said sarcastically.

“Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on?” Behar questioned aloud.

Collins’ and Behar’s treatment of Johnson resulted in two major sponsors, Johnson & Johnson and England’s Best Eggs, pulling their ads from the program, Opposing Views reported.

Johnson & Johnson said the money they used to pay for advertising on “The View” will now go to establish a drive for nursing scholarships.

Collins took to Twitter on Sept. 16 with an apology: “To all nurses: I want to apologize. You’re the last people I’d ever want to hurt. I’m thankful for all the amazing work you do.”

But Arbour, during an interview on Opie Radio on Sept. 18 (video below), who was in the studio the day “The View” co-hosts made their apologies to nurses on-air, says they were not genuine—especially that of Collins.

"Backstage, I heard the girls being like, 'Oh yeah, our nurse jokes didn't go over well so we have to apologize because they're tweeting us too much,'" Arbour said. "And I'm like, 'You all are pussies.’"

Arbour continued: “See, I can sit in my jokes and be like, yeah, I made them, I think it's funny. Whatever. But they go on there and make a fake apology. When the cameras weren't rolling, Michelle was like 'Yeah, that's not a real profession. They want to be doctors.'"

Arbour was referring to the following apology made by Collins on the show:

"I personally, I want to say, I learned a lot this week," Collins said on “The View” on Sept. 16.  "I think we all did. Thank you so much for coming here. You know, as a result of this situation, I didn't understand the challenges facing nurses, the need to improve how people view and appreciate what you do and I'll be honest I think the comments made Monday kind of played into that and I'm sorry about that."

A spokesperson for “The View” has disputed Arbour’s claims, telling ET, “From the moment the show started, Michelle was on the set the entire time and never backstage with Nicole.”

To try and make further amends to nurses, “The View” dedicated nearly an entire episode on Sept. 19 to their profession.

"We are listening. #NursesUnite #TheView," a tweet on the show's official Twitter page read, which included a picture of the hosts with professionals from New York University's College of Nursing program.

Sources: ET, Opie Radio, Opposing Views / Photo credit: Opie Radio


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