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Comedian Hit With Baseball Bat While On Stage (Video)

Comedian Dylan Avila suffered a skull fracture on Monday night when a man reportedly rushed on stage with a baseball bat.

Avila was performing at a local bar in Renton, Washington, when the bizarre incident happened (video below).

"Hecklers can't faze me, I got hit with a baseball bat," Avila told KOMO.

Avila was preparing to introduce the next comedian during open mic night when he was allegedly hit twice by a man identified by witnesses as Steven Baldwin, noted KING 5.

"We were shocked because that's just something that doesn't happen on a comedy stage," added Jamal Harrington, another comedian who tried to help Avila.

Witnesses claim Baldwin had repeatedly tried a stand-up routine in the same bar in which he claimed to be Jesus Christ, but bombed. Avila reportedly banned Baldwin from the show, which may have been motivation for the alleged attack.

Avila's friend, James Taylor, and several others held Baldwin down until the police arrived.

"That's my brother. You know, you don't think about it, you just do it," Taylor told KING 5.

Avila had to have two titanium plates placed in his head and will spend several days in a local hospital.

Baldwin is being held in a local jail without bail on assault charges.

Sources: KING 5, KOMO
KOMO Screenshot


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