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Comedian Andy Dick Tries to Scare McDonald's Execs Straight

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Last month, our scalded "chickens" appeared at a Chicago-area McDonald's to draw attention to the many chickens who are boiled to death in scalding-hot water by McDonald's suppliers.

Since the company still refuses to implement controlled-atmosphere killing to ease some of the suffering of millions of chickens killed every year to become McNuggets, we've enlisted the help of hilariousman Andy Dick to try scaring McDonald's execs straight.

Today, Andy will swap the scissors he wielded in a peta2 anti-dissection poster for a bloody knife and appear as a terrifying "Ronald McDonald" at our McCruelty demo at 600 N. Clark St. in Chicago.

In anticipation of his performance, Andy said that "if kids knew how chickens were mutilated for McNuggets, they'd burst into tears every time Ronald McDonald showed his face—and that may well happen when they see what this clown has to say about it."

I confess that I've always considered clowns to be scary—certainly McDonald's execs will agree after Andy Dick's performance at Thursday's demonstration.


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