Comcast Wins Worst Company In America Competition


It’s official: Comcast is the worst company in America.

The telecommunications giant beat out agriculture king Monsanto in Consumerist’s annual March Madness-style bracket competition to find the worst company in America. As the winner of the competition, Comcast is the official holder of the ever-elusive “Golden Poo” award.

Here is how the Consumerist describes Comcast’s road to victory:

“Comcast’s road to the Poo started out without a speed bump, as the company powered through the first three rounds without ever giving up more than 30% of the vote. And with two-time reigning champ EA eliminated in Round One by Comcast’s merger partner Time Warner Cable, followed by three-time consecutive runner-up Bank of America’s surprise defeat at the hands of Walmart, Comcast seemed destined for the Final Death Match.”

Comcast was up to the challenge in the so-called Final Death Match, winning 51.5% of the vote while Monsanto received 48.5%.

This year’s Worst Company Final Four included Comcast, Monsanto, Wal Mart, and SeaWorld. This was SeaWorld’s first year in the competition, which is no doubt a result of the immense negative publicity the company has received following the Blackfish documentary.

In the spirit of Comcast’s victory, if you can even call it that, let’s take a look at the 10 lowest rated companies in America according to the latest American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The company’s name is followed by their score on ACSI index:

10. American Airlines – 64/100

9. Charter Communications - 64/100

8. CenturyLink Internet Service - 64/100

7. US Airways - 64/100

6. LinkedIn - 62/100

5. Facebook - 62/100

4. United Airlines - 62/100

3. Comcast Internet Service - 62/100

2. Time Warner Cable - 60/100

1Long Island Power Authority - 43/100

Sources: Consumerist, ACSI


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