Comcast Audio Recording Reveals Customer's Promo Price Wasn't Honored


A Comcast customer has released an audio recording that proves the cable company reportedly quoted him a price for 12 months and then later claimed it was a mistake and he would have to pay more money for the same service.

The customer service representative reportedly told the customer, who titled his recording, “My Comcastic Day,” that despite the fact that he had signed up for a promotion a few months back and was told then that his price was “locked in” for 12 months, he had been a victim of miscommunication, reports The Blaze.

The representative explained that the promotion expired after three months, not 12, and he would have to pay more money for the same service.

What the representative didn’t know was that the customer had thought that something shady would happen and had recorded the previous agent’s phone conversation, in which he was promised a “guarantee that your price wouldn’t change for 12 months.”

Even after the customer offered to play the recording for her, the rep reportedly told him she didn’t have the old promotion in her computer and couldn’t offer it to him. She gave him the option of signing up for an entirely different promotion – one that includes half the Internet speed.

“It’s just your word and you obviously don’t honor what other people say,” the man told the representative. “It’s ridiculous.”

A representative for Comcast said the company is looking into the phone call and will reach out to the disgruntled customer to try and resolve the matter.

Source: The Blaze, Photo Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr 


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