Columbia University Students Post 'Rapists on Campus' List

Students at Columbia University recently filed 23 federal complaints against the college for allegedly mishandling sexual assault complaints.

According to The New York Times, "students say administrators tell those who file assault claims that they must not discuss their cases outside the confines of the campus disciplinary process" and "campus counseling services pressure students not to report sexual assault or harassment, that disciplinary proceedings are handled by people ill-trained for the job, and that accusers are given less leeway than are the accused."

However, some unidentified students at Columbia University are not waiting for the federal government to act and have decided to spread the word about some of the alleged sexual "violators" on campus.

The Lion, a student blog at Columbia University, reports that the names of four students were written on a piece of paper entitled “Sexual Assault Violators on Campus” and posted inside a women’s bathroom on campus.

“We were alerted to bathroom graffiti in Hamilton Hall, and Public Safety investigated. Graffiti is routinely removed by Facilities staff,” Daniel Held, executive director of communications for facilities, told The Lion.

Columbia University workers removed the list, but it appeared again in another campus bathroom, reported The Lion.

Jezebel notes that copies of a flier entitled "Rapists On Campus" were also placed in a women's bathroom on campus. The flier lists the same four names from the “Sexual Assault Violators on Campus” list.

Jezebel claims the list includes at least three current students, including a writer, musician and athlete.

Sources: Jezebel, The Lion, The New York Times


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