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Columbia University Student Says Sean Ahearn Drugged her with Liquid Ecstasy, Raped Her

A man from Long Island is being accused of raping and drugging a female student from Columbia University at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Manhattan.

Sean Ahearn, 27, met the 26-year-old victim on an online dating site in early April. 

They agreed to meet at the hotel in Battery Park where suites range in cost from $465 a night to $1,395. 

Ahearn arrived at the hotel on April 7 at 8 p.m. He used his credit card to pay for the room and took his date upstairs.

He then slipped liquid ecstasy into her drink. She passed out, and he allegedly raped her.

When the woman woke up, she said she felt horrible and went to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. She was given a rape kit and toxicology test. Results are still pending.

She filed a police report and they set up a "controlled phone call" between the victim and the suspect.

In the conversation, Ahearn said he did drug her with liquid ecstasy but that she agreed to have sex with him.

On his Facebook page he wrote a lengthy status about being accused of rape and asked his friends to "say a prayer" for him.

He said that she was in love with him and they had nothing "but good times" together. Ahearn claims she lied to ruin his life.

In his post, he also said he has evidence that will clear him of charges.

"They know in their heart this did not happen," he said. "Why would it happen what would my motive be? What would I have to gain?"

Sources: Daily Mail,Gothamist


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