Columbia Bars PETA VP—Will U-M Do the Same?


PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich visits colleges across the country and participates in debates about the ethics of eating meat. His debates are usually very popular and well-attended. But recently, Columbia University canceled Bruce's scheduled debate just hours before it was supposed to take place. Why? Because seven years earlier, Bruce interrupted a speech at the school's commencement ceremony to speak out about cruel experiments on animals being conducted in Columbia's laboratories. Guess they didn't want that info to get out.

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Bear in mind that this is the same school that welcomed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with open arms. Wow.

This week, Bruce is headed to the University of Michigan (U-M) to participate in a similar debate. But wait—just last week, a PETA member attended the school's conference on Survival Flight Training, calmly took the microphone during a speech, told the audience about the school's use of animals in cruel and archaic training methods, and requested that the school use modern simulators instead.

Hmmm … here's hoping that U-M will be more open-minded than Columbia.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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