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'I Heard Hissing': Colorado Woman Finds Unpleasant Surprise In Her Bathroom (Video)

A Colorado woman woke up to find an unexpected guest in her bathroom (video below).

When Sherri Lombard of Arvada, Colorado, woke up on Sept. 13, she went into her bathroom to find a large bullsnake lying on the floor, 11 Alive reported.

The snake had most likely gotten in through the ventilation system, and Lombard was startled by its presence.

"I heard hissing, and I thought it was the commode leaking, and I started to walk in and I heard the snake rise up, and started to strike, so that's when I backed up and screamed," Lombard said. "I shut the bathroom door and said 'I'm never going in there again.' which means I have one less bathroom to clean."

Lombard called animal management and the snake was removed from her home. 

The snake was set free in a nearby park.

Sources: 11 Alive, YouTube

Photo credit: Arvada Police via 11 Alive, WikiCommons


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