Woman Learns Painful Lesson About Texting And Driving

A Colorado woman had a metal railing go through her buttocks when she crashed her vehicle into a guardrail because she was texting and driving.

Christina Jahnz hit a metal railing on Wednesday going about 20 mph while texting a friend. She said her eyes were off the road only a split second before she hit the rail.

"The next thing I knew, I was looking up, and there was white powder from the air bags deployed," she told KUSA.

A pole pierced through her thigh and backside. Firefighters had to saw off the front and back of the pole to transport Jahnz to Parker Adventist Hospital.

"They said if it had gone just a little bit the other way I would have bled out," she said.

A pole went through a woman's buttocks after she was texting and driving.She shares her story tonight at 9&10! #9NEWSpic.twitter.com/3MCyuqGIlh

— Meagan Fitzgerald (@Meagan9News) September 1, 2014

"I went into surgery and I lost count of the stitches after 40. They stitched me up inside too. I'm truly a miracle," she said.

Jahnz was released Sunday after four days in the hospital. She will have to use a walker temporarily, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Her message to other drivers: "It's devastating knowing that I could have prevented it to begin with. I just hope my story helps to save the lives of others. Don't text and drive.”

Sources: New York Daily News, KUSA

Image credit: Twitter


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