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Colorado Woman Choked Boyfriend Because He Wouldn't Stop Singing Macklemore Song

“If you don’t stop singing that song, I’m going to choke you!”

At some point, most of us have probably said something like that to someone in our lives. After all, top-40 radio is really good at playing catchy songs over and over until we can’t help but sing them ourselves. Last Saturday, Colorado resident Samantha Malson didn’t just threaten to hurt someone over a song. She actually did it.

Malson was celebrating her boyfriend Lars Hansen’s birthday on Saturday night. According to the police report, the two were quite drunk. Malson left the house for a moment, and when she came back she put on the Macklemore song “Thrift Shop.” Sounds pretty harmless right? After all, the song is catchy. Well, apparently it’s just a bit too catchy. Hansen began singing the song incessantly. Malson says she asked her boyfriend to stop singing the song “25 times”, but he wouldn’t. Eventually she had enough of her boyfriend’s best Macklemore impression, and she took matters into her own hands by choking him.

“He just annoyed me,” Malson told police. She also reportedly confessed that, “I grabbed him around the throat” and “I did it for intimidation.”

Boulder County Police showed up to the house, and Malson was charged with harassment, domestic violence, and assault. The police report says the couple had been fighting for much of the night because Hansen accused Malson of drinking all the alcohol in the house. Malson was arrested, but has since been released on bond. Something tells me she is not listening to the radio.

It’s a good thing ‘Call Me Maybe’ isn’t still popular, or else this could have been a lot worse. 

Source: The Smoking Gun


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