Colorado Woman Arrested On DUI Charge Three Times In One Week

Colorado woman Kimberly Micheloni was jailed three times in one week after driving under the influence. 

The 40-year-old, who reportedly works as an office manager for the IRS, remained in jail Tuesday following her third arrest on charges of a DUI, careless driving and two counts of contempt in court.

Micheloni was first charged on May 13 with a DUI and child abuse after her daughter was found riding in the car. On May 14, she was arrested and again charged with a DUI. On May 20, she was charged once more.

"I'm so sorry and if I hurt anyone, it was wrong," Micheloni said. "It was just wrong."

Micheloni admitted to taking prescription drugs at the time of her arrests, which may have contributed to her reckless driving.

Micheloni is currently being held on $225,000 bond.

Sources: NY Daily News, New York City and Press


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