Colorado Woman Anastasia Adair Shot And Killed By Own Rifle

Anastasia Adair, 22, was killed by a bullet from her own AK-47 on Tuesday night after stumbling down a set of stairs and accidentally pulling the trigger.

Adair and her husband, Dana Adair, were drinking with friends in their garage when she decided to show off her newly purchased rifle.

"It's not a good idea to be handling weapons while you're intoxicated," Lt. Gary Toldness, a Federal Heights Police Department spokesperson, said. "It's always a bad mix."

After the bullet was fired, police responded to the 911 phone call and arrived at Elliot Circle residence. Adair was taken to Denver Health Medical Center and later pronounced dead.

"At this point in time, we are looking at this as an accidental shooting," Toldness said. He confirmed that consistent witness stories and physical evidence suggested the shooting was not intentional.

Investigators will perform an autopsy today to determine how much alcohol was in Adair’s system

The AK-47 was one of many semi-automatic firearms banned by the Federal Assaults Weapons Ban (AWB) until 2004, when the bill expired.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Denver Post


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