Colorado Waitress Receives $1K Tip From Generous Patron (Video)


A Colorado waitress was left speechless when a lone patron left her a $1,000 tip on a $15 bill.

32-year-old Carly DiMuzio is a server at Route 6 in Eagle-Vail, Colorado, and earlier this week, she was serving a woman who just happened to be on a mission to pay it forward. Luckily for DiMuzio, she maintained her positive outlook and bubbly personality despite a tough, busy day at work, and the tipper, known only as Susan, took notice.

Susan says that she saw something on Facebook about paying it forward, so she decided that she would find the right person to tip and take the challenge herself.

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“The lady waiting on me was just so nice and so helpful and kept coming back to ask if I needed anything else and if my food was alright—you know, just giving me really excellent service. And I just thought to myself, 'OK, she's the one,'" Susan told KUSA. "There's just something very gratifying about doing something for someone you don't even know and can't pay you back."

DiMuzio says she was totally not expecting such a large tip and didn’t pick up on anything when Susan asked for a blank piece of paper. When she came back to the table to collect the bill, she was shocked to notice the $1,000 tip and the note accompanying it.

“My sweet server at Route 6 ... you ROCK!! I would love to see this on Vail Daily so that others in our valley will do the same! Have a great ski season!” the note read, in part. Susan also let DiMuzio know that she had been waiting for the right person since seeing the post about paying it forward on Facebook.

“She asked me towards the end of her meal for a piece of paper and a pen, and I didn't think anything of it and just dropped it off for her and she left,” said DiMuzio. “It was pretty shocking. I really didn't know what to say. I literally was speechless. I'm extremely forever grateful for her—just really incredible.”

DiMuzio says that the extra $1,000 will go to help her fix her car, which just recently broke down.

Sources: Daily Mail, Vail Daily, Post Independent, KUSA


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