Colorado Town Pays $262K To Family After Cop Kills Restrained Dog (Video)


The town of Commerce City, Colorado, recently paid $262,500 to a family because a police officer shot and killed their dog on Nov. 24, 2012 (video below).

In addition to the massive settlement, there was another $125,227.38 in the city's legal fees, notes KDVR.

According to the Animal Law Center, this is the largest settlement a city has paid for the death of a pet in U.S. history.

The historic moment began police responded to a call of a dog running loose in the neighborhood.

The dog, a lab and pit bull mix named Chloe, had a stun gun used and was restrained on a catch pole when Officer Robert Price fired five shots at the animal.

The state's law doesn't allow pet owners to be paid more money than the pet is worth but, that is superseded by federal court cases regarding the loss of property under the Fourth Amendment, according to KDVR.

Price was found not guilty of animal cruelty by a jury in Adams County, Colorado, in 2013, noted KDVR.

Chloe's owner, Gary Branson, told the news station at the time how it is "natural" for a dog to pull away, which apparently led to its death.

"I felt he was guilty of what he did, and should have paid the price," Branson said of Price.

"There was no point at any time when the dog was aggressive," Kenneth Collins, the neighbor who called police to the scene, said.

(Note: Shooting begins at 1:40 mark in video below)

Sources: KDVR (2) / Photo credit: Screenshot The Free Thought Project/YouTube

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