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Colorado Town Considers Ordinance Requiring All Residents To Own Assault-Style Rifles

The small town of Craig, Colorado, is seriously considering a proposal that would require every household in the town to own a sporting rifle equipped to hold a high-capacity magazine.

The idea, proposed by town resident Craig Rummel, is an attempt to gain the attention of state legislature. Craig believes that the Democrat-controlled state senate is overlooking the needs and desires of western and rural residents.

“For too long, the state Legislature has been hammering us,” Craig said. “They’re destroying our economy. Our voices are not being heard, but if we pass an ordinance, it will go viral, and then they’ll be forced to listen to us.”

The proposed ordinance would include exemptions for those not mentally or physically capable of operating a firearm, those who cannot afford a firearm, and those who oppose owning a firearm for personal or religious reasons.

Although town council members agreed with the defiant message Rummel wants to send, they also agreed that the town should not pass an ordinance simply for the sake of sending a message. Council member Ray Beck brought up the idea of submitting the ordinance in the form of a resolution, which is more of a statement of belief rather than an enforceable law.

Rummel insisted that his proposal is not just about guns, but about the economy as well. Many in the town of Craig rely on hunting for income, and the state’s recent gun control bill effectively outlaws several gun accessories that hunters frequently make use of.

“This is about more than just guns, this is about protecting our economy,” Rummel said. “This is an opportunity for us to protect and defend our economy, culture and heritage of Northwest Colorado.”

Other members in the town council warned that the ordinance would bring the wrong kind of attention to the town of Craig.

“The state of Colorado is the laughingstock of the country,” council member Don Jones said. “We’ve passed an amendment legalizing marijuana that violates federal law and we’ve passed gun laws that violate the Second Amendment. I don’t think passing an ordinance requiring all residents to own an AK-47 is the type of attention Craig wants.”

Whether the ordinance is eventually passed, rejected, or submitted as a resolution remains to be seen. However, Craig Town Mayor Terry Carwile indicated that the council is keeping an open mind when it comes to the proposal.

“There is enough support up here of what you are saying, and I think there’s room for you to convince us,” he said. “The bottom line is we don’t need to make a decision tonight, but you have some work to do.”

Sources: Daily Caller, Craig Daily Press


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