Colorado Teens 'Pay It Forward' By Shoveling More Than 50 Driveways


Homeowners in a neighborhood in Centennial, Colorado, woke up to a pleasant surprise thanks to some kind-hearted teens looking to “pay it forward.”

“My daughter came and woke us up and said, ‘look outside,’” local resident Darcy Peterson told KUSA. “I mean, I can’t believe it. I cannot believe it.”

Every house in the neighborhood had a flier taped to the front door that said, “You’ve been served.” A group of six teens had been going around the neighborhood since about 6:30 a.m. shoveling every driveway in the community after a heavy snowstorm.

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The high schoolers shoveled more than 50 driveways and all of the sidewalks in the neighborhood that morning, saying they just wanted to “pay it forward.”

“We wanted to get out before anyone woke up,” teen Nick Mirabella said. “We just felt it was a really good idea to serve the whole neighborhood.” 

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Some neighbors offered the teens money for their services, but they declined the payment. When they were offered hot chocolate, they couldn’t turn that down. 

The teens went sledding after shoveling the neighborhood to wind down after a hard morning’s work.

“It’s just kind of the best way I think we could spend a Sunday,” Mirabella added.

Sources: KUSACommunity Experts / Photo credit: Screenshot via KUSA

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