Colorado Teenager Macyo Joelle January Found Guilty Of Killing Newly Married Solider And Pregnant Wife


A Colorado teen was convicted on Tuesday in connection with the death of a soldier and his pregnant wife.

Macyo Joelle January, 19, was found guilty of murdering Staff Sgt. David Dunlap, 37, and Whitney Butler, 35, who recently married the Fort Carson soldier and was 13 weeks pregnant.

According to the Daily Mail, the newlyweds walked in on him burglarizing their Colorado Springs home Jan. 14, 2013.

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Dunlap and Butler came home separately to check on the alarm that was triggered around 11:10 a.m., police say. The two were killed as they walked through the front door.

Officials say evidence suggests that Dunlap was shot first, from behind. Butler arrived shortly after that and was shot in the head as she leaned over her husband’s dead body, The Gazette reports.

The case continued for one and a half years, overlapping what would have been the couple’s second wedding anniversary.

A jury deliberated for almost four hours and found January guilty of murder, as well as burglary, theft and aggravated motor vehicle theft. There was no murder charge in the death of Butler’s unborn child, in accordance with state laws.

January is being tried as an adult on Oct. 22, even though he was 17 at the time of the double-murder. He could receive up to life in prison, with a chance for parole after 40 years.

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The parents of the couple told KKTV that they feel justice was served now that January has been convicted. 

Whitney’s mother, Marie Butler, referred to the deaths as a “parent's worst nightmare” as she told The Gazette, “I don't know if I will ever be able to wrap my hands around it.”

Days after the verdict, Butler said she would honor the couple's memory by not “letting it make us bitter or vengeful or hateful.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Gazette, KKTV


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