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Colorado Residents Send Heartfelt Thank-You Notes To State Troopers

While police officers have been the focus of rage, protests, and violence in many parts of the country in recent months, Colorada State Troopers are thankful today for several anonymous notes of gratitude left at their homes and on their patrol cars.

One state trooper was so touched by the notes received, that he shared one particularly heartfelt letter with 9 News:

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This note reads: "Dear Colorado State Troopers, Your lives matter! We support our men and women in blue. Thank you for risking your lives to protect ours. You are more appreciated than you know. Thank you from my family to yours. #WeSeeYou"

In an email sent to the news station, the trooper reportedly wrote: "Recent events throughout our nation have cast a dark shadow over law enforcement. Negative actions and bad decisions by few police officers has had a harmful effect on all of us blessed enough to put on a uniform.

"As a state trooper with the Colorado State Patrol, I take great pride in being a pillar in my community and protecting the citizens who employ me," he added. "These people have trusted us with protecting them and enforcing the law, and today (April 28th, 2015), several of us received a much welcomed thank-you at our homes.

"I just wanted to extend a heatfelt 'thank you' to the residents of this great state who took it upon themselves to make us feel appreciated," he concluded. "We are honored to wear the uniform and serve Colorado."

The notes are currently in the State Patrol's Montrose office.

Acts of kindness like these have been reported in several parts of the country. In January, a 10-year-old girl from Texas wrote and sent 200 thank-you notes to police officers in New York City after officers Wanjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were killed, reports the New York Daily News.

And this week we learned of a man named Dr. Leon Huse, who wrote a note of gratitude to the North Platte Police Department in Nebraska for an act of kindness they performed back in 1951, when he says officers paid for a hotel room and breakfast for he and his wife when they found themselves traveling through North Platte without money, reports NBC Nebraska.

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Sources: 9 News, New York Daily News, NBC Nebraska

Photo Credit: Scott Davidson/Flickr, 9 News


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