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Colorado State Rep: Guns For Self-Protection Are Useless

A debate over gun control is raging in Colorado, and a Democratic state representative is stoking the fire with her claim that guns as a means of self-defense is unnecessary. Instead, she’s putting her faith in the state legislature to protect her.

Colorado House Majority Leader Dickey Lee Hullinghorst said in an interview on the YouTube-based “Tim Caffrey Show” last week that firearms ownership is redundant because the government keeps citizens safe and sound.

“As a woman, I have the right not to carry a gun and to feel safe on the streets, and that’s what we provide for in the state legislature is for all of us in the state of Colorado — to feel safe on the streets without having to carry a gun,” said Hullinghorst

She added, “The thought that the only way we can protect ourselves is to wield our own weapon is completely absurd and an argument that I absolutely discount as frivolous,” Hullinghorst said.

Democrats across the state are facing strong backlash against the Colorado legislature’s sweeping gun control passed in March. State Sens. Angela Giron and John Morse, both Democrats, are facing recall elections in Sept. 10 for their votes in March in favor of the bills.

State Sen. Greg Brophy, a 2014 republican gubernatorial candidate, said Ms. Hullinghorst’s stance “speaks volumes about the Democratic agenda on guns.”

“Unbelievably naive from a citizen. Absolutely dangerous from an elected official and leader of the Democratic Party in Colorado,” Brophy told Colorado Peak Politics.

Earlier this year, democratic State Sen. Evie Hudak touched off an outcry of her own when she told a rape victim that it was unrealistic to expect that she could have repeled her attacker with a gun, saying, “Statistics are not on your side.”

“Chances are that if you had had a gun, then he would have been able to get that from you and possibly use it against you,” she said in a committee meeting.

Sources: The Washington Times, The Christian Science Monitor


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