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Colorado School Won't Allow Students To Celebrate "Merica Day" (Video)

Heated debate has broken out on social media after Fort Collins High School in Colorado nixed a student council idea to make one of the days in Spirit Week “Merica Day.”

Student council members reportedly approached school officials to ask that Monday, the start of Spirit Week, be called “Merica Day” and allow students to celebrate what it means to be an American. Schools officials shot down the idea, saying that the term “Merica” has a generally derogatory connotation.

Still, despite the understandable explanation, many believe that the school’s decision is wrong.

“It doesn’t smell right to say it was because it was slang,” said Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith. “That’s not an inclusive issue. If they wanted to address the slang issue they could have. So I’m doubtful of that version of events.”

Still, student Patrick Case says it really does come down to the issue of the word choice, not an infringement on constitutional rights, as many on social media claim.

“We decided that it was really rude of them, because ‘Merica’ is a slang for a bad version of us,” said Case. “We wanted to show that we’re ‘America’ not ‘Merica’. They were just trying to take a derogatory term and make it correct.”

Schools officials suggested that the student council call the day “My Country Monday” but it has now been renamed, “America Monday.”


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