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Colorado School Cuts Lesbians Out of Yearbook

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A high school in Colorado finds itself in the middle of a flap over its yearbook and discrimination -- the yearbook adviser reportedly refused to run a photo of two lesbians holding hands.

The New York Daily News reports that the yearbook at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs was going to have a page devoted to couples at the school. But when students wanted to include a photo of a lesbian couple, the adviser reportedly balked.

"She told me, in these exact words, 'You either cut the gay couple or I cut the page,'" Rudolpho Tribulio told KRDO-TV.

Tribulio said he and fellow student Anna Carmichael were then kicked off of the yearbook staff. Two others quit in protest.

The school admits it did cut the page, but not because the students were lesbians; rather, it was because they were holding hands.

"If there's too much PDA, it's against policy. It's going to get cut," district spokeswoman Devra Ashby said.

Ashby said the couples page was replaced with one touting diversity at the school. But Carmichael said the school botched that as well.

"No names, only the labels," Carmichael said. “So for a picture of a Muslim, she wanted to label them as a Muslim."

However Ashby denies that.

"We don't discriminate in any way or form, so we wouldn't discriminate or find that appropriate," she said.


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