Colorado Police Officer Caught On Tape And Arrested For Child Abuse (Video)


A Colorado police officer was arrested after his ex-fiancee sent a video to his coworkers depicting his domestic abuse. The man, Jeremy Yachik, worked as a police officer in Loveland, Colorado, and his ex-fiancee Ashley Saint-Roberts sent an email to other police officers as well as to news agencies in the area with an embedded video depicting evidence of horrid child abuse. Although the footage is grainy, Saint-Roberts accuses Yachik of being the man depicted. 

In the video obtained by KDVR, the man repeatedly kicks a child on the ground “because she ate carrots from the refrigerator,” according to Saint-Roberts. The woman also claimed that she was forced to release the footage to the public because she had sent it to the police chief and had not received a response. According to the lawsuit, however, Saint-Roberts claimed Yachik called her after she initially sent the video and said “Nice try ... trying to get me fired ... it’s not going to work,” according to the Daily Mail. 

The events depicted in the video are terrible examples of child abuse, but Saint-Roberts alleges that Yachik’s abuse went much further, including force-feeding his daughter hot sauce, being beaten with ropes and locked in rooms. Yachik’s daughter, now 15, claimed that this abuse has been occurring for several years.

The video, subsequent accusations and investigations have resulted in a complex string of legal issues concerning the former couple. Yachik has been placed on leave as his case is continued to be investigated.

You can view the disturbing video below.


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