Colorado Pawn Shop Owners Stuck With Banned Gun Magazines


A new law in Colorado that bans magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition has already had some unintended effects. Under Colorado law, when customers sell items to pawn shops, ownership of whatever they sell transfers to the pawn broker in exchange for the right of first refusal to buy back the items. That means that people who have pawned weapons with magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammo cannot get them back. It also means that pawn brokers are stuck with magazines that they cannot get rid of.

Rod Brandenburg, who owns Grandpa’s Pawn and Gun, said he was telling people who had pawned guns with the banned magazines to pay off their loans before the ban went into effect.

For people who did not pay off the debt prior to the deadline, Brandenburg could only say: “No, you can’t have your magazine back.”

“I could go to jail," Brandenburg said Sunday. "If we violate them, knowingly, I could go to jail. I could have several financial penalties and I could have my rights to own a gun revoked for two years, which could put me out of business."

He plans to meet with the sheriff for advice about what to do moving forward, The Daily Caller reported.

“The most aggravating issue to me is that we have received no training, no instruction [in how to deal with the new law],” he said.

The ban could soon be a moot point. Weld County Sheriff John Cooke and 54 other elected county sheriffs are suing the state to overturn the magazine capacity limit.

A hearing is scheduled for July 10.

Sources: The Daily Caller, 7 News


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