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Colorado Nanny Saves 3-Year-Old Boy's Life During 'Savage' Dog Attack

A Colorado nanny is recovering from a "savage" dog attack that happened last week after she heroically threw herself between two vicious dogs and a 3-year-old child to save the boy’s life.

Sharon Molloy was baby-sitting Jack Melichar, 3, and his 8-year-old brother on Aug. 13 when two black Briard dogs that were running loose came up on the deck of the home, Colorado’s Own Channel 2 reported. 

“[Sharon and the boys] went out on the deck and tried to get the two black dogs to go home,” Amy Melichar, Jack’s mother, told the news station. “Jack was running, and while Jack was running, one of the black dogs went after Jack and started attacking him.”

Molloy reportedly attempted to pull the dog off of the young boy and threw herself in front of and on top of the child to shield him. The dog then turned its attention to the baby-sitter and latched onto her. 

“We’ve known her for only two weeks and she just kept protecting this baby and putting herself in front of the dog and protecting the baby,” Amy said.

Molloy struggled to free herself from the dog’s grip. The attack finally ended after the owner of the dogs came over, according to the GoFundMe page set up to help Molloy.

Firefighters eventually arrived, and both Jack and Molloy were rushed to the hospital. 

The nanny suffered severe bite wounds, exposing bones on both her arm and leg.

“It was a pretty savage dog attack,” said Lt. Lisa Pinto with the Genessee Fire Department. 

Jack also suffered deep wounds to an arm and a leg and needed about 36 stitches.

“The surgeon, the sheriff, everyone said she saved your baby’s life,” Amy said.

Jeffco Animal Control now has the two dogs on quarantine for 10 days and is pursuing charges of unlawful ownership of dangerous animals against the owner. The dogs could be euthanized after the period of quarantine ends.

The owner did not respond to Colorado’s Own Channel 2 and has yet to reach out to either of the victims. 

After spending four days in hospital, Molloy has now returned home to recover. She told Colorado’s Own Channel 2 she was “grateful to help” and simply doing her job.

Jack is also out of the hospital and feeling better.

Source: Colorado’s Own Channel 2, GoFundMe

Photo credit: GoFundMe, Fox 31 Denver


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