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Colorado Mother Beats Sleeping Homeless Man to Death with Baseball Bat

A woman in Englewood, Colo. beat a homeless man to death in an alley after her four-year-old daughter said the man had molested her.

Forsythia Owen, 30, admitted to police that she committed the murder, and demonstrated by waving her arms how she had used the bat to attack the man while he was sleeping.

According to the affidavit, “Owen swung her hands back and forth and demonstrated how she struck Rainey over and over again because of what he did to [name redacted].”

It is unclear whether or not the child was actually molested, and police are still investigating the allegation.

Denzel Rainey, 42, was struggling with alcohol problems and was separated from his wife when he was forced to sleep in an alley because he could find no other shelter.

Said wife Lisa Rainey in an interview with CBS Denver, “My husband is the most loveable, caring person that I know.”

She expressed doubt that her husband would ever molest a child, and said, “I just don’t know why, what caused her to do this on Denzel, and if Denzel did anything to provoke it. I need to know the answers for closure for me and closure for my kids.”

Neighbor Veronica Evans defended the murder victim, saying, “He never bothered anyone, never stopped anyone, never said anything to anyone. He just really kept to himself a lot.” 

Evans had less favorable things to say about Owens: “From my understanding of looking at her, you could tell she was on something. That’s why my little sister and I would stay away from her.”

Rainey had been posting regular updates on his life on Facebook. One post read, “I am in need of some where [sic] to stay for two weeks untell [sic] I go back to rehab can any body [sic] help me out.”

Another post read, “im [sic] going to take pills and drink untell i [sic] don’t wake up no more.”

Sources: CBS Denver, Daily Mail


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